Looking for new places to write?

In the wake of the eHow fiasco  many people are reevaluating their options and considering branching out to try new writing venues. You can find some information about some of the lesser known sites, such as Seed.com and much more information about writing online at Write Fierce, a new blog with some excellent content.

Another good place to find information about the eHow fiasco as well as lots of information about writing online for residual income is Crunchy Data.

If you like to write and earn money, and socialize at the same time consider this list of writing sites with great forums or other social aspects.

And one that I consider top of the list is Hubpages. At hubpages you can certainly earn money writing what interests you and socialize a little as well. Anyone signing up for hubpages here can contact me for any help with hubpages you might need. You can write in any format, use your adsense account and your amazon account, as well as eBay.

Finally, consider InfoBarrel. This is a fairly new site with a great revenue sharing program, and it is gaining in traffic and popularity by the week. You can write in several different formats, and you keep the rights to all your work, but you cannot publish the same article on InfoBarrel and somewhere else on the web at the same time.

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