What's an anchored backlink?

Most people recommend getting "anchored" backlinks, as much as possible.  I think this is best, too.
What's an anchored backlink?  That's when you put the link to your article or webpage on words that describe your article, rather than just on "click here" or just putting in your URL. Here are a couple of examples:

I just found a good site for getting backlinks to your articles and blogs: SheToldMe. You can even put your adsense number there and earn and get links.  
(Note that I could have put the link on the words SheToldMe -- not bad, but better that I put them on "earn and get links". Now the backlink is considered a vote of confidence in that site or article. But the way this was linked it gives a vote of confidence for those words AND that website. That helps the search engines not just notice your site but strengthens the idea of what your site is about.)

You get followed backlinks from this social bookmarking site, and earn at the same time! You can't beat that, can you?  The only other place I can think of that gives followed links and allows you to earn is Hubpages. (another example, using an anchored backlink instead of just linking the site's name.) Both are good sites for disgruntled or displaced eHowers to consider, as well as anyone else who wants to earn money by writing online.

So you could consider it sort of a hierarchy. A link is a link, and most all links help, but some help more than others:
  • anchored backlink on a related site  **BEST**
  • anchored backlink on a not so related sitelink on the name of the site (or article), related site
  • link on the name of the site (or article), not so related site
  • link on the words "click here" or similar, related site or not

Not everyone will list them in exactly the same order I did, but you get the idea, and most will agree this is roughly the best order.
But the best way for the average person to get some traffic and rank in the search engines, after building a good, legitimate site or blog, is to get backlinks. Lots of them. Never stop getting backlinks from legitimate places. Many people even think the so called "no follow" links are somewhat helpful. I figure it can't hurt as long as it's not on a disreputable site.


Cynthia Wunsch said...

You can get anchored backlinks from Infobarrel articles, too.

AJ Tyne said...

Do you mean that InfoBarrel links are "do follow"? It's good to know also that you can put anchored links on there, because some sites don't allow any links.

Glorybug said...

AJ- I have a question... If, for example I were to write a post that would be including a link to your blog, is there anything wring with adding a link both to the title of the blog as well as the specific article? Such as- (intro) 'The Colors of AJ Tyne (backlinked) has a wonderful article called 'article' about eHow(eHow word backlinked) that you should check out. Would this make the one post give both a blog backlink and a separate anchored backlink? BTW, thanks for the help. I plan to do the same for you and others.

AJ Tyne said...

I've never seen anything anywhere to suggest that would be a problem. I think it's fine.
Sorry to reply so late!

HS Schulte said...

InfoBarrel has do follow links. The problem seems to be getting them to allow publication of articles with outbound links. They allow it, but some editors don't like them and will deny your article at InfoBarrel simply because you have a link out to your blog, etc. It doesn't seem to matter how tastefully done it is. So frustrating.