Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson Has Character
I'm not a big celeb follower, but I really admire Jennifer Hudson. The grueling process of simply participating in American Idol, much less becoming a Season 3 finalist, demands an attention to detail and perseverance that seems lacking in the world nowadays. Her determination and poise also are seen in maintaining her weight loss, becoming a mother while continuing to guide her very successful career.
Jennifer Hudson Handles Life
But the graceful way Jennifer Hudson handled her personal tragedy when her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew were murdered in 2008 really shows her character, no doubt a product of her mother's guidance. That tragedy is apparently dragging on at a very slow pace, as the trial is not scheduled until April of 2012. Jennifer spoke to OK Magazine February 10, 2011:
"The only thing I can do to honor their memory is to make them proud," she added. "I keep thinking, 'Would my mother like this or that, would she want this?'"
Jennifer Hudson Has Style, Poise, Beauty
It's easy to see why she is so successful. Besides her fantastic singing voice, Jennifer Hudson is a beauty in her own right with enviable fashion sense.

Jennifer Hudson Gorgeous on NAACP Image Awards

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