Boycott Groupon!  This is so disgusting, and I never thought a "mainstream" advertiser would accept such clients! Apparently they are claiming it's an informative and historical tour because of the history of the building it's in, but the ad states tourists might even get to see a live filming of S&M porn! Studies have shown that porn has a very negative and long-lasting effect on the human watching it, and tends to cause greater and greater objectification of women, as well as encouraging violence, even when there is no violence in the particular film or other media. But this is outrageous for a supposedly legitimate marketing platform, Groupon, to stoop to this to make a buck. From The War on Illegal Pornography:

For the second time, Groupon has sent out thousands of emails to individuals advertising a tour where people can view a live filming of sadomasochistic, torture porn at Kink’s studios. Groupon even advertises that groups may get to see a live filming in progress. When confronted about their choice to feature this company, Groupon defended it saying they thoroughly vet the businesses we feature…Fortunately, this business has proven to be a responsible member of their community.”
Please sign the petition and promise to boycott Groupon!

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