Health Risks of Irene Flood Waters

I remember growing up in Norfolk, Virginia, and going out to play in the aftermath of a "mild" hurricane. The street wasn't flooded exactly, but there were plenty of much better than average puddles to splash in. It was great fun. The cool air that had been so hot a few days before, and the peacefulness that sometimes settles after a near miss hurricane are fond memories for me now. I only remember near misses. If some of them caused other considerable damage at the time, I was too young to know. The sweet bliss of childhood, when all is right with the world as long as your little piece of the world is right!
Ignorance is bliss, and the world in general was more full of that bliss than it's been for a very long time now. Then I was playing in the aftermath of hurricanes. Now, I'm warning people of the dangers of playing in flood waters.
Actually, even then, we weren't playing or swimming in flood waters, even though we gleefully called it a flood. It was really "flooding" from the super heavy rains of the almost hurricanes. After Irene, however, I'm seeing videos of kids and grown adults, diving into the flood waters, which aren't the same thing as rain.
The flood waters from a storm like Irene are dangerous, harboring all manner of germs and hiding all kinds of dangerous items. This was a serious storm, and it caused massive flooding, carrying sewage overflow, contaminants from basements and garages, machines, automobiles, and possibly even dead animals and excrement from South Carolina to New Hampshire! Look at the video below, where a reporter is battered by sea foam, which we were later told contained raw sewage!  Did I say ignorance is bliss?
                                         Part 1
Part 2

Diving into Who Knows What

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