New linking challenge/experiment at the Keyword Academy

Court, at the Keyword Academy, announced that there is a new challenge/experiment starting today. This one is 5 links a day for thirty days. Just in time for many eHowers who are trying to build as many new backlinks as possible to their articles as well as their blogs. As you know, my suggestion to build links to your blogs, not directly to your eHow articles, but your eHow articles can still benefit.

This is an excellent challenge to motivate us to build links to our work, and also a great experiment to prove to ourselves the power of good, anchored backlinks.
You may remember the last two challenges:

These challenges are real challenges, but they help you move forward. Even if you don't manage to get 5 links every day for 30 days, you will still improve your standing in SERPs.
By the way, the Keyword Academy is the best place I've found, after months of searching and studying, to really learn all you need to know to make money online.  They really teach you, step by step, and do not leave gaping holes in your education like many others do. It's excellent for beginners, but if you are more advanced (or when you become more advanced) you will still be able to continue learning and progressing, through their advanced lessons, forums, and more. They give you a full access 30 day trial for only $1. It's easy to cancel through PayPal or the Keyword Academy customer service, so there is little risk unless you plan to sign up and just forget about it. Honestly, that 30 day trial is enough to really get you started.

If you decide to accept the challenge, you'll want to keep track of your backlinks and this article gives you some tips for doing just that with spreadsheets.
I think you are fine to get backlinks that you cannot necessarily control -- I wouldn't turn down a backlink, but I would not send them to eHow articles or a similar site at this point.

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