Tips for getting backlinks on eHow

Here are some tips for getting "followed" backlinks from eHow -- yes, I said eHow. Most of the links on eHow's site are "no follow". But there are a few places on the site where you can put well placed links and they will be "do follow". Here they are:
  • In your profile, ONLY the part of the profile where you are allowed to use HTML, all links will be "do follow".
  • In the forums, anchored backlinks are "do follow". All URLs are "no follow", so you're not helping yourself if you just put the URL. 
Take advantage while you can, especially on the forums, because the website you put in the comments on the eHow blog were "do follow" a few weeks ago, but now are "no follow". So it changes.

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jadedragon said...

That is helpful information. I've added my blog as an article resource and have noticed two things:

1. Going to Google and typing link: brings up many or all of these links. They look like anchored links to me but I'm still learning. I don't call them all the same thing either. I use different phrases.

2. I'm getting good hits to my blog from ehow. Not sure if it is from the link on my profile, the occasional forum link or from the Resource area links though.